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 -  07/13/2024
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Searching for the Atlantis
         The destiny of this lost civilization has been a mystery for many scholars, visionars and occultists by the time of ancient Greeks. Atlantis is said to be a wide island, larger than Asia Minor and Libya in all, which was situated beyond Columns of Heracles (Strait of Gibraltar). It was home for nation of seafarers and land of mythic wealth. The land affords numerous nature deposits including noble metals and stones as well as plenty nourishment. Nine thousand years before Greek lawmaker Solon, it was the Atlantis, which ruled the Mediterranean. However, the ideal state with advanced civilization dropped up to the martial aggressions, so the Gods decided to sunk it under the Mediterranean Sea.
         At least Greek philosopher Plato mentioned in his Dialogues Imaios and Critias about 350 B.C. that way. Plato heard this tale from his cousin, who heard it from his grandfather, who heard it from his father, who heard it from Solon himself, who heard it from priests in Egyptian Saji in 590 B.C. Plato alleged this tale as ethical telling what can happen when the Gods are wrathful. Is though this story based on truth?
         No writer had mentioned about large island, which sunk to sea scentless before Plato. We can find similar story in Egypt Middle kingdom era (2040 – 1640 B.C.) Is it just an ultimate myth, mutual to couple of nations, or is it a legend based on real events?
         By this factual element could fairly well be ancient volcanic island Thera (current Santorini) – luxuriant trade center adherent to mighty Minoan culture of Crete laying southern side. According to the performed estimates violent eruption of Thera Volcano in 1500 B.C was heard even in Scandinavia. Volcanic dust entombed great deal of the island by coat 30 meters strong, people of Thera fortunately got saved in advance. Volcanic crater teared down in about 40 years, whole island sunk deeply under the sea level and invoked so strong waves, which could in practice overnight destroyed whole Crete civilization. Crete´s trade and diplomatic contacts with Egypt was unexpectedly interrupted and the story, which Solon heard from Saji priests, which maybe came up from their ancestry, who heard of rush fade away of Minoan world power. Could be these unfinished knowledge of the priests essence of the myth?
         American Ignatius Donnelly claimed by the end of 19. century, that the Atlantis was situated in Sargasso Sea, the part of Atlantic between Bermudas and Caribbean isles. As he suspected, this area is unsuitable for sailing due to abundance of sea-green as well as banks, which by Plato rounded the Atlantis. Madame Blavatska, who was famous Russian origin mystique, proved, that the Atlantis lied in northern Atlantic and was settled by highly civilized people of another vanished continent – the Lemuria. In the earlier 20. century, distinguished American occultist Edgar Cayce, who claimed about himself, that he was in a life before a man of Atlantis, related lost race as a highly advanced civilization drove by crystal energy. Abuse of this power lead to three nuclear catastrophes. Cayce predicted, that the Atlantis will chop out again on surface in 1968 or 1969. It´s interesting, because pilots took photos of constructions, which looked like some undersea buildings, near to Bimini on Bahamas right in 1968. Undersea researchers claimed they saw ancient roads, walls, pyramids and stone circles on the seabed. But archaeological experts confuted everything, so it´s possible, that the roads of Bimini are only natural phenomenon.  
The scouting of Colonel Fawcett
         Many people initiated their life into searching for the Atlantis, but only few of them paid for their passion the highest cost. When during 1906-1913 English geometer, scout, Colonel Percy Fawcett stroke out Amazon basin, he was impressed with impermeable jungle in Mato Grossa area. Fawcett fully addicted myth about Atlantis and when he found in Brazil Chancery a notification about old hidden city, which was discovered in 1753 and where are buildings and flint statues, but without anybody, he rejoiced. He was fully confident, that this lost city is a cape of the Atlantis. He set out his first expedition down in 1920 because of the 1. world war. The goal was clear- find the Atlantis. The expedition ended in a distant camp called Dead horse on the river Kaluene. He set his second expedition in five years attended by a group of eager journalists, his son Jack and his young friend Raleigh Rimell. Local Indians saw their camp fire for four days and than - nothing.
         When captain G.M. Dyott set to find that group in 1928, he uncovered the way Fawcett people proceeded. He even found their possessions, but no signs of men themselves. Generally it´s thought, that all explorers leaded by Percy Fawcett were killed by Indians. Fate of Colonel Fawcett and his followers is hidden as well as fate of the city they sought.

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