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Celine Dion
19th November 2008
This woman is highlighted as „the best selling woman performer of all times. “ She has sold over 180 albums yet and she has gained over 1000 important awards including Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, World Music, Juno and Felix Awards.
Céline Marie Claudette Dion was born on the 30th on March 1968 in Charlemagne (Canada) to musical family as the youngest of 14 children. Her mother played the violin and her father played the harmonica. Family often performed in a bar, which they owned. She showed her talent in her 5 years already. Start of her career was a French song Ce n´etait qu´un reve, which she wrote with her mother. The tape got to hands of René Angile, who was so stunned by her voice, that he mortgaged his house to let Celine release her debut album called La voix du bon Dieu (1981).
Her first public appearance was when Michael Jasmin invited her to his tv programme on June 1981, where she sang a song Ce n´etait qu´un reve. She participated in festival Yamaha World Popular Song in Tokyo in 1982, where she won a golden medal for her song Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi. She went to Cannes in France to represent Canada on RTL Super Official festival following year. She has been the first Canadian, who won a golden record in France for her album Du soleil au coeur.
She was so gifted, that they chose her to represent young generation on a special ceremony at Montréal Olympic Stadium in time the Pope Jan Pavel II. was visiting Canada. She performed Une colombe track in front of 65 000 people audience. She gained her first award when she was 16 – 2 Félix Awards on ADISQ music parade. She obtained another 5 Félix Awards year later. She announced a musical break in 1986, she started devoted her to learn English and she also changed her image.
She returned on a music scene with Je ne veux pas track. Album Incognito, for which she obtained 4 Félix Awards and platinum album, was released in 1987. She won golden medal in prestigious Eurovision Song Contest held in Irish Dublin for her song Ne partez pas sans moi same year. Then she performs in her own TV show called Incognito at Théatre Saint Denis in Montréal for following 42 days.
Her first English album with the name of Unison was released in 1990. Its marketability soared to unbelievable 1 700 000 albums sold.
She obtained 6 Platinum albums and the Juno award in Canada for her album Celine Dion. She took part in a concert tour of Michael Bolton and she even performed in one of the main roles in the Tycoon musical.
Falling Into You album (1996) shined in hit parades of 11 countries, it was awarded on a 39. Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Annual Presentation as the Best Album of the Year and The Best Pop Album. It was sold more than 25 million albums.
She collaborated with many special guests on next album Let´s talk about love, which was released following year. For example Barbra Streisand (Tell Him song), Bee Gees with Immortality single, Carole King, George Martina or Luciano Pavarotti, great lyric writers and musicians such as David Foster. Track My Heart Will Go On (famous song from The Titanic movie), for which she was awarded her second Oscar, was also on this Album.
She interrupted her career in 1999, when gullet cancer was determined at her husband René Angile, so she worried about him.
She returned on a scene in 2002, when she released her new album A New Day Has Come. She obtained a Diamond Award on World Music Awards presentation; thereby she was validated as a best selling woman singer of the world.
Interesting things:
·         She used her talent to support Canadian Cystic Fibrosis fund with one of the most emotional song Vole (it was turned into English – Fly on album Falling Into You later) and is a poignant memory to her niece Karine, who died by this disease.
·         She performed for Switzerland on Eurovision, It might be initially Czech singer Lenka Filipová, but she wasn´t permitted to attend by Czechoslovakia government of that time.
·         Her name is on the Hollywood Star pavement
·         She has performed in Czech Republic on 26. of June 2008 for the first time.
  • 1981 - La voix du Bon Dieu, Céline Dion chante Noel
  • 1982 - Tellement j'ai d'amour…
  • 1983 - Les chemins de ma maison, Chants et contes de Noel, Du soleil au coeur
  • 1984 – Mélanie, Les plus grands succés de Céline Dion, Les oiseaux du bonheur
  • 1985 - C'est pour toi, Céline Dion en concert
  • 1986 - Les chansons en or
French Albums:
  • 1987 - Incognito (CBS)
  • 1991 - Dion chante Plamondon
  • 1995 - D'eux
  • 1998 - S'il suffisait d'aimer
  • 2003 - 1 fille & 4 types
  • 2007 - D'elles
English albums:
  • 1990 - Unison
  • 1992 - Celine Dion
  • 1993 - The Colour Of My Love
  • 1996 - Falling Into You
  • 1997 - Let's Talk About Love
  • 1998 - These Are Special Times
  • 2002 - A New Day Has Come
  • 2003 - One Heart
  • 2004 - Miracle
  • 2007 - Taking Chances
Live records:
  • 1994 - Olympia
  • 1996 - Live a Paris
  • 1999 - Au coeur du stade
  • 2004 - A New Day… Live In Las Vegas

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