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 Pornstars Top 5


Tiffany Hopkins

This blue-eyed beauty was born in frenchcity of Rouen in 1981. She stormed into the porn branch in 2000 with her first fruit called Une Nuit Au Bordel. She has just hundred movies on her account and more are clearly to come. The most distinguished films of her career are La Brigada Femenina and Les Concubines that brought her prestigiuous Ninfa Prize and AVN The Best Foreign Actress of the Year award. Tiffany revealed her french charm into the american porn section in 2005 when she acted in The Porn Identity. Her virtue is firmly swiftness. Miracles can be done with her 166 cm and 45 kilos. In any case, review it by yourselve, there is more than enough material for it.



Briana Banks

Another european representative of adult industry is in a row. It´s Munichian Briana Banks. Briana went through a turbulent juvenility due to her early moving to Britain when she was four and another moving to California later when she was seven. When she was sixteen, she moved out of home with her fourteen old sister after huge fights with her mother. Later on, her sister was given into a custody to her by a court order. She tried most various jobs since the beginning from pizza cook to a clerk, but she ended up in a porn industry at the end so we can cheerly admire her vigorous curves. Her first movie called University Coeds 18 was taken in 1999 and apparently she fancies her job as she has catched in 157 movies so far. The most successful one, without a question, is Briana Loves Jenna from 2003 where she met the porn queen Jenna Jameson. This movie was awarded by AVN Best Selling and Best Rental award of the year. There are more awards listed in her career such as Penthouse Pet June 2001, Hot D´Or Cannes 2001 for the best young american actress and she entered the AVN Hall of Fame in 2009. Briana is considered to be an actress with the longest legs that measures honourable 91 cm.



Brea Bennett

A rising star of american school Brea Bennett is coming to an aim. Brea was born in Arizona in 1987 and despite her early age she has taken over fourty movies. This charming blonde wanted to be an opera singer from her childhood, nevertheless she found out during her aging what occupation would satisfied her needs. Brea was revealed by earlier mentioned porn queen Jenna Jameson in her reality show Jenna´s American Sex Star, where Brea got a wild card straight from Jenna and won a recording contract. The first movie was called Strap It On 3. Her career rocketeered, which is testified by a numerous movies in following years. Brea is called a porn princess that might take the throne after the most eligible star Jenna Jameson. Brea as well as Tiffany hopkins abounds in subtle stature – she is 165 cm tall and weights only 45 kilos. Despite this fact, it cannot be said she plays submisive roles in her movies – the other way round is true. She likes to cavort with both sexes by her own wordsthat we can see in movies such as Fresh Femmes or Women Seeking Women.


Jenna Jameson

Finally the porn queen has her turn – everybody´s first choice Jenna Jameson. Place of birth of this 170 cm tall blue-eyed blonde is symbolic as she was born in the city of sin – Las Vegas. Her child-hood was no easy and she had to fight for her succes since her baby-hood. Her mother died by melanoma when she was only two. The whole process of treatment financialy totally ruined the family and they had to move to Montana where the family stayed in a caravan. There was nothing cheerful in Montana. She was raped by four local football team players when she was sixteen and again by a preacher in the very same year. Therefore she moved to her boyfriend tatoo maker Jack back to Las Vegas where she wanted to be a stripper. She became the most popular one for the crowd altought she worked illegally due to her age. She used to change her pseudonym all the time in the beggining of her career as she settled on Jameson after her most favorite whisky. After a phootage of series of nude pictures she appeared in her first movie in which she enjoyed some lesbian play. She turned to porn after her boyfriend Jack cheated on her and she wanted to give him a nice revenge. Nevertheless she fell in love with this type of livelihood right away and therefore she stepped into the porn for good. Her first movie was Up and Cummers in 1994. She started to take reams of film immediately after her debut. She has more than 230 movies on her account now. We can mention films such as Jenna Loves Pain, Forever Asia, Blue Movie, Jenna Loves Rocco – Jenna is in the top form everywhere. She did´t ended up at acting only though. She dropped down for producing  and directing. I Dream of Jenna, Erotic Aftershock or War of the Dragon belongs to her. Jenna Jameson was awarded by numerous prizes. Her biggest sucess are AVN Best Star of thy Year, F.A.M.E for the best body and the most favorite actress or XBIZ award for the most successful industry enterpreneur. Jenna Jameson is married to UFC champion Tito Ortiz. They have twins Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette. Many tabloids account Tiger Woods downfall to her after their alleged love affair.



Paula Wild

We are stepping into czech watersat the end by looking at Paula Wild. She was born in Kroměříž in 1974. Her film career started in her 20´s when she popped up in a serie of short videos. She became to known in foreign countries after movie Rocco Rapes Prague. She was nominated for Golden Palm in Las Vegas for her part in this movie. She appeared in movies such as Hostel, Post Coitum and Brak apparently thanks to this award. Paula set out a book Kdepak ty ptacku hnizdo mas. Sadly we cannot see her in porn movies for a couple of years now as she quit the industry saying it brought her totally to the ground. She runs her own cosmetics stall and occasionally appears in Brno television as a speaker these days.

[MJ, translated by Lukas Klozik 9/10/2012]

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