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Tina Turner
16th Oct 2008
This article will introduce a rock legend, Tina Turner, whose energy and enthusiasm doesn’t fade away despite her 70th anniversary. Also known as Anna Mae Bullock, Tina Turner was born 26th-Nov-1939 in Tennessee.
Anna started her career with the lead-singer of Rhythm of King, Ik Turner. After the wedding, he suggested a change of name to Tina Turner. She produced a first few records with her husband and in 1971 their remake of Proud Mary hit top 10 in US charts. Her first solo record called River Deep, Mountain High, came in 1966. Tina’s promising career suffered a blow in 1976 when Ik’s drug addiction and physical abuse led to the divorce. Furthermore, she had to undergo a plastic surgery after being sucker-punched in the nose. For the next 8 years, Tina performed in various clubs and casinos and as her financial situation worsened, she was surviving on the ration books for some time.
In 1983 she finally bounced back with the song Let´s Stay Together, but the major turning point was the release of phenomenally successful album Private Dancer. Along with the music style, she also changed her overall image and became a sex symbol for many Americans. The following period 1984-1992 saw Tina’s most successful records, e.g. Private Dancer, We don’t need a hero – soundtrack to Mad Max.
Her talent was finally recognized 8 years after the divorce as she won 4 Grammy awards. In 1988 she even made it to Guiness Book with the record attendance of 182,000 during her tour in Rio de Janiero. This record was beaten couple of years later by Paul McCartney. In addition, Tina and her husband were awarded R’n’Roll Hall of Fame status in 1991. Her growing popularity earned her the honor to record the theme song for Bond movie.
Tina’s current agent is considered to be the cornerstone of her amazing comeback in the 80’s. She worked with many leading pop stars, e.g. Bryan Adams, Sting, Cher, Robert Cray, Jimmy Barnes, Barry White...
Tina and Ik brought up 2 sons, Raymond Craig (saxophonist in his dad’s band Raymond Hill) and Ronald Rennel. Since 1986 she has lived with her boyfriend Erwin Bach who is managing director of EMI. Even though they have lived together for so long Tina refuses to get married. She says: If we got married, I would insist on pre-marital agreement because I worked too hard to earn the money I have.’ She likes all kinds of pasta, salad, fish and prawns as well as Thai cuisine. She has the sister called Alline, her mother Zelma passed away in 1998 after a long illness.
Interesting facts:
-          loves car rides and hates PC’s
-          according to Eddim Aramin, she insured her beautiful legs and body when she was tenager
-          she received a knight title from French government and honorary citizenship from Marseille
-          she underwent breast augmentation
-          Beyoncee invited her for the 50th anniversary of Grammy awards where Tina performed after 23 years
This year she started a year-long tour with a gig in Kansas. ‘’I had to do it now while I can.’
She will be performing in the US for the rest of 2008 and then she visits Europe for the series of 40 gigs.
  • 1973 The Country of Tina Turner
  • 1975 Acid Queen
  • 1978 Rough Unite
  • 1979 Love Explosion
  • 1984 Private Dancer
  • 1985 Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome
  • 1986 Break Every Rule
  • 1988 Tina Live in Europe
  • 1989 Foreign Affair
  • 1990 Look Me in the Heart
  • 1993 What's Love Got to Do with It
  • 1996 Wildest Dreams
  • 1998 Good Hearted Woman
  • 1999 Twenty Four Seven
We Don't Need Another Hero
What's Love Got To Do With It?
Tina Turner ft Beyoncé Knowles - Proud Mary

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