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 -  05/29/2024
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Dress to Impress


Whether we like it or not, we are judged by our appearance. Social standing, income, even intelligence are all implied by the clothes we wear. It is an instinct honed since man first learned to wrap himself in the skins of the animals he hunted.

The CEO earns his position by being the best businessman. With his power comes money, and his money buys expensive and stylish clothes that set him apart from the office crowd. His wardrobe screams, "I am the alpha male!" Another example can be taken from the Shakespeare classic King Lear, in which the bard writes, "You, sir, I entertain for one of my hundred; only I do not like the fashion of your garments." So said the king to Edgar, just before ordering him to change his clothes. The point is that you might be tolerated as useful, but if you really want the king's approval, you should dress like the king.

"But I'm not the king! I'm just an average working man. My boss wears Armani suits and Gucci shoes. I simply can't afford to dress like him!"

Fear not, Average Joe! You don't have to wear expensive designer clothing to project a powerful image. You just have to wear the clothing you can afford in the proper manner.

The most visible and most important part of your business dress is the suit. Therefore it deserves the most attention and, yes, money. It shouldn't have to be said that the suit should fit you, yet many men wear suits that fit horribly.It is highly recommended that you have your suit professionally tailored.

Tailors and men in the know call this a bespoke suit. Even a cheap polyester suit that has been professionally tailored looks better than an expensive wool suit that doesn't fit right. If you can't have your suit tailored, at least have yourself measured by a tailor, so that you know what size you need. While you are at the tailors you may also ask him to let you try on a few suits. He will tell you what looks best on you based on your body type and measurements, and you can then look for the same type of suit at a retail store. You can also look at different fabrics and colors to get an idea of what you like. Once again it must be said that if you can afford it, spend the extra money to have your suit custom made. You may be surprised at the low cost some local tailors will charge, and the quality workmanship means the suit will last longer, which justifies the higher price in the long run.

Colour is also an important aspect to consider when dressing well. 

Try to find colours that suit your skin tone and hair and eye colour as well as your personality. In general, you want to choose colours that contrast with your complexion. While men with medium skin tones look good in just about anything, including dark and light colours, men with darker complexions look better in light colours such as baby blue. Those with fair skin and light hair normally look best in bold blues.
These rules are hardly set in stone, however. To choose colours that work best on you, stand in front of a mirror, hold the piece of clothing in front of you, and take a look at whether the colour is harmonious with your features. Incorporate details in colours that match your eyes to bring out the sparkle.



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