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 -  07/22/2024
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Diamonds are forever

As how the title promts, this 7th volume Bond movie dangles around diamonds. Sean Connery, whose is very popular from the previeous volumes, is regressing. Guy Hamilton took the director´s chair, whose directed also the Goldfinger among others. The movie was picturized in 1971.


James Bond inflitrates a diamond market of smugglers in Netherlands. Meeting with these smugglers is very dangerous, no wonder, that agent 007 ended stunned in a coffin. These killers dispatched also a dentist from South African repubulic, who bought diamonds straight from miners. How this story will finally end? The movie itself will be the best answer. Legendary Ford Mustang Mach 1 appears as the Bond car.

Interesting Facts:

Duration in minutes:           119

Distribution:                      Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Movie costs:                     7.2 mill. USD

Taking places:                   MI6 HQ, Netherlands, South African republic, Las Vegas, California

Incomes:                          516 mill. USD

Reference, odkazy: 
  • www.homevideos.com
  • www.james-bond.cz
  • images.amazon.com

Diamonds are forever - The Legend - James Bond 007 - Film and Cinema příspěvky

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