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Golden Eye

Bond´s longstanding colleague Agent 006 Alec Trevelean (Sean Bean) died during the mission, in which soviet biochemical weapon factory shall be destroyed a couple of years ago.  Problems with Russia don´t end with this.


James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) returns to Russia after years to avoid ex-pilot Xenia Onatopp and general Ourumov using Golden Eye, which was stolen from Severnaya HQ. This weapon developed by Russians can operate satellites capable of beaming electromagnetic pulses, which destroy any electronic device within 30 miles. Ourumov and Xenia blast the HQ away during the the thievery of the Golden Eye. Only two people survives the blast – computer hacker Boris, who collaborates with Janus organization and Natalya (Izabella Scorupco), who is found by Agent 007.


agent 007 Izabella Scorupco

Organization Janus wants with the help of the Golden Eye transfer all money of the Bank of London on a secret accounts and than they want to destroy all electronic records on the World. James Bond meets his allegedly dead friend Alec, who is the head of Janus organization now.


Interesting facts:

Release year:                   1995

Director:                          Martin Campbell

Duration in minutes:           130

Distribution:                      Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Taking Places:                   London, Monaco, Switzerland, USA, Monte Carlo, Russia

Incomes:                          415 mill. USD

Car:                                 BMW Z3

Bond´s Gadgets:                Laser Omega watches and pencil class 4

 Golden eye (1995) - trailer
 Golden eye (1995) - title sequence
Reference, links:
  • www.james-bond.cz
  • www.csfd.cz
  • www.bondcollection.com.ar
  • www.bondassociation.com
  • www.dvdbeaver.com
  • www.celebwelove.com

Golden Eye - The Legend - James Bond 007 - Film and Cinema příspěvky

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