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James Bond – Never say never again 
James Bond gets to foot by unfriendly agent Larg and his dangerous asistent mrs Fatima Blush – she is beautifull killer, who first make a love with her murderee and than she kills. Larg´s winsome love Domino happen aliance between her and agent 007. She helps him to stop ominous plane of Specie – attak of the nuclears arms to Washington.







Blofeld´s agents get in to the US Air Force and get possession of two planes called Tomahawk.

Agent 007 get for comission to get back stollen planes and kill to Blofeld. But herewith possession it doesn´t end. When Spectre run away with two nuclear missiles he starts for thein feets. He must to find the missiles more early, than they will be used to opposite surrounding Word.



Fatima Blush


Interesting Facts:

Total length:  134 min.

Distribution company:  Metro Goldwyn Mayer

The cost of the film:  36 mill. USD

Places of the shooting:  England, Bahamas, France, Malta, Monaco, Florida, Spain

Profit of the film:  55 mill. USD

Vehicle:  Bentley

Direction:   Irvin Kershner

Date of rotation:  1983

James Bond - Never say never again (1983) - trailer
 James Bond - Never say never again (1983) - fight

Never say never again - The Legend - James Bond 007 - Film and Cinema příspěvky

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