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Aero L39 Albatros
Type:           two-seat trainer, light battle plane
Gear:            turbo blower Ivchenko AI-25TL 17,14 kN of torque
Power:          top speed 630km/h in 16404ft (5000m) high
                   service ceiling 29527ft (9000m)
                   flying range 1050 mi (1750km)
Weights:       empty 7694lb (3490kg)
                   maximum take-off weight 12447lb (5646kg)
Dimensions:   wingspan 31ft (9.46m)
                   length 39ft 10in (12.32m)
                   height 15ft 5in (4.72m)
Armament:    23mm machine gun pods
                   2 air-air rockets
                   rocket launchers calibers 57mm or 122mm
                   free-fall cluster bombs up to 1000kg
         The successor of the flourishing L-29 became standard jet training plane in Czechoslovakia, USSR, GDR and many other countries. The first prototype took off on 4.11. 1968 as a standard training version L-39C.
        The plane has an all-metal construction with a stressed skin. The fuselage is made up of two basic parts and is semi-monocoque. Crew pressure cabin, radio control and electronics are located in a front part. Fuel tank and engine bed ar placed behind the cabin.Tail with tail units are easily removable, which enables quick access to engine. Due to the turbo blower engine the L39 planes have much more power than the Dolphine one, which allows using L-39 as a light battleplane.
         Version L-39ZO had 4 frogs and stationary mounted GŠ-23 23mm cannon. Version L-39MS (commercial name L59) had 4 frogs and GŠ-23 cannon again, but with a more powerful engine DV-2 and modern avionics coming out of a domestic produce (including software) standard on a beginning of a new advanced types from Aero Vodochody.
         L-39ZO was developed as a part of a new complex trainee programme, including flight simulator TL-39, ejection simulator NKTL-39, ground control device KL-39 and drogue KT-4.
         L-39 is operated in Czech republic in 22. base of a Tactical Air Force in Námšť nad Oslavou (version L-39ZA) CLV Pardubice (version L39C – evidence numbers 0103, 0113, 0115, 0440, 0441, 0445, 0448) and 1 plane by private operator (OK-JET).
·          Robert Jackson: Moderní vojenská letadla, Ottovo nakladatelství 2005
·          http://www.military.cz
·          http://www.l-39.cz

Czech - AERO L-39 ALBATROS - Military aeroplanes - Military příspěvky

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