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Best known Czech pornstars


The Czech nation used to be told to have “golden Czech hands”. It’s partly true till nowadays, when world admires our skills and improvisation abilities, but in past 20 years phrase “golden Czech vaginas” fits more. So the Czech Republic isn’t just a country that gives good beer and talented hockey players to the world, but in our land we can grow up many and many young chicks that aren’t afraid to try porn industry thanks to their exciting bodies and easy money.


The modern history of Czech porn starts in the 80’s, when today’s porn granny Dolly Buster enters her active career. Her own name is Nora Dvořáková, she was born in 1969 and in 1982 emigrated to Germany. She worked as a translator for some time, but film-makers noticed her nice body and face, one word led to another and first adult movies could begin to be filmed. Even she’s out of public sight nowadays, quite a lot of people have seen her tits.


The more polite of us remember her at least from European parliament election, in which she candidated. She ended her active career in 1997. But maybe one day she comes back called “Dolly MILF Buster is back”.



Paula Wild (Pavla Nováková) from Kroměříž is a well known person. She was born in 1974. Her career way was quite classical: underwear modelling => gogo dancer => nude photos => porn. She’s got a few porn Oscars and even you have certainly seen her in some movie. She herself says that she’s not proud of her porn history at all and that in has beaten her to the ground. Anyway, it was her free choice and we thank her for that. She took part in some talkshows, was the speaker of programme “Peříčko” and nowadays she runs a sex-shop.



Silvia Saint is a real beauty coming from Kyjov, born 1976. In her 21 she decided for modelling and ended where else than at porn. She’s not afraid of anything, which is a great benefit for producers. She likes even anal sex and lesbian scenes. She has spent most of her career in the USA and has acted in more than 260 movies. She doesn’t technically “work” since 2001, but we can trust in her comeback because of her youth and illustrious name.


These three names are real porn legends, but the Czech Republic is able to offer much more to the world. We can further mention for example Tarra White (called “the anal princess from the East” in the USA), Ester Ládová and her huge breasts that wake the men’s deepest lusts up. We can say in common that if you listen to the spoken word in the movies carefully, you will realize that the Czech language is in the porn after English the second most spoken.


[MJ, translated by Lucie Šafratová 10/10/2012]

Best known Czech pornstars - Sex and partnership příspěvky

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