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Epinephrine sports
8th November 2008
In this article I would like to present you 4 epinephrine sports, which are good for examination.
As the first I present you Aggressive in-line skating. What can you imagine under this title? From the title wastes that it is riding on roler-skates but in rather more aggressive style than fitness skating. In aggressive in-line skating you cannot
ride in ordinary places but you have to find some extraordinary places which are typical for the sport,e.g. statues, railing, seats, ski-jumps, vertical ramps and skateparks, of course.
For that type of skating, skates are more resistant, reinforced and its boot has to be more extensive to be able to slide over railing. A price of this skates is between 2 and 6 thousand.
Aggressive in-line skating is divided into two types. The first one is ,,Street". Its lovers ride streets, jump up the stairs, ride down the railing and make carrying-on. Street's riders prefere rather loosen skates for better freedom both foots and skates. The second type is ,,Vert". The aim of this one is to fly up the higest point on U-ramp and make some crazy or aggressive tricks as are e.g. flips and rotations. It needs to have also equipments like kneecap, elbow pad and helmet, which is the most important.
When a man wants to start with aggressive in-line skating and after some time wants to participate some race, he should manage drive forward and backward on roller-skates. In the beginningit is suitable to join to a gang of people, which devote to the hobby for longer time. In the Czech Republic, there are many people devoting to that sport and that is why there are also many clubs of in-line skating. Among these the most marked belong association ICC (Inline Czech Community), which is dedicating to Street, and INvertLINE team, which is specialized in vertical U-ramps.
This type is not suitable only for hard boys but also for fragile girls. So daringly into it!
The other epinephrine sport is called Poweriser. It is newly developed mechanical harness for boots. With the harness you can jump up to two metres and run with rapidity up to 40 kilometres in an hour.
We can do it thanks to a special spring which work same as a trampoline. It takes advantage of your our weight and energy, which you put into it. A big advantage is a possibility that you can move both forward and backward. You do not only enjoy an entertainment but you also strengthen your body.
Jumping boots are high aproximately 40 cm and their fixation is very simple and quick. You do not have to have any special footwear or take off yours. In the begining you should let you secure or cling to something for the sake of loosing of balance. But afer 5 minutes you will be able to walk separately and then jump, after few hours.
You can borrow Poweriser but you have to have a basic traning with an instructor, which costs 200 korunas and loan of Poweriser costs 60 korunas per 20 minutes.If it just suits you nicely, you can buy this boots. They are sold in three categories 50-70Kg, 70-90Kg and 90-120 Kg. The boots are also made in children's version from 30Kg. Their price is around 11 thousands and chidren's version around 3 100 korunas.
For lovers of winter sports I offer Snowkiting. Everything you need to practise this one is only kite, snow, slightly wind and something on foot. Snowkiting is a new epinephrine sport where rider is pulled by controllable kite (you go with assistance of kite and steer a direction of your ride) with an assistance of wind in snowy mountain plain and higer territories. With the kite you can do various tricks and skips and you do not need any hills or railies (an artifical elevations like railing for making skips) Everything depends on kite's traction and mainly on rider, who controles it. You can ride both on flat plains and undulating relief or in mountains in hilly grounds. Of course, you can ride an arbitary direction both from and to a hill.
In teh Czech Republic, there are many places where snowkitnh can be practised. In these places they lend you first-rate kite's equipments and learn you basics. A week course costs 7 thousands. If you will like it and want to buy your own equipment, the instructors will help you with essential choice.
But I have to call your attention that this type of sport is rather money intensive. The kite can be bought frfom 14 thousands but it can also cost as many as 39 thousands. The others needful things to an equipment are trapezis and bar (around 10 thousands), board (from 15 thousands) and protective helps with special cloths (around 5 thousands). So together it can cost 50 thousands.
People, who like team games or games which remind training of special force, should try paintball. The first bud of that sport was born in Australia several tens years ago, in the time when shepherds started to use an air gun with bullets filled of unwashable dye to simplier and quicker marking of big flocks.
From this area the novelty was brought over into the United States where were probably one oh the first gun battes between beaters who were first players of paintball. The paitball found its first practical usage in an army. It was included into training of special forces as realistic simulation of fight with shooting guns.
The paintball returned to civil field after it had been extended in military base and traning centres. But now it returned as sports event.
The firts official tournament was in New Hampshire in the USA in 1981 and from that time it was extended first in the USA and Canada, then in Australia, western Europe and Japan. In the Czech Republic the paintball is played from 1992 thanks to Boris Brown, who commenced run of first painball sportsground.
There are many varieties of the game, mostly two teams fight together and the aim of the game is to gain opponent's flag and disqualify utmost of opponents. In the same time they have to protect their own flag. The others varieties are capturating of objects, rescueing of hostages or neutralizing of bombs.
A number of players can be 6 but also 60. But there are also games in which around hundreds players can play. A number of players is limitated only of extent and articulation of playground. A timeout of games is mostly 20 minutes but it depends on each variety of different games. Course of the game is controlled by an arbitral.
Special marking guns with pressed air or carbon dioxide are used in the game. These guns shoot gelatine bullets filled with tinge. Their range is around 50 metres and a speed of the bullet goes on 90 Km/h.
The game is played in natural or man-made ground nevertheless it should be always broken enough with many obstacles which can be used as coverings. As obstacles can be used not only field unevenness but also trees, buildings or man-made obstacles like palettes, cases, tyres etc. Very popular are then playground which were constructed in former army areas or in desolate buildings.
For this game are necessary right equipments, it means special painball mask which protecs whole face and without it, the game should be real hazard. Then they are gloves with beaded back of the hand, suitable clothes mostly in style of army clothes or other fixed clothing and at last fixed huckle-bone boots. Most about prices of equipment on http://www.paintballshop.cz
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