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 -  07/21/2024
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Hluboká nad Vltavou

We will talk about one of the most beautiful places in Czech republic in this article. Place, where many smitten couples would imagine their wedding. We talk about well known romanticistic chateau Hluboká nad Vltavou. This architectonic gem is allowed to be the most beautiful piece of neogothic building at Czech territory.


Not always has the chateau looks the same. Before it obtained present form, it has gone through many adjustments. Hluboká was built as early gothic castle Froburg on its beginning. That happened sometimes in the half of 12th century. Hluboká surroundings had not been such a romantic place as it is now. Even execution took place near the castle in 1290. Záviš from Falkštejn was executed. His memorial was built at this place in the end of 19th century. The time was running and many important people changed in ownership of the caste. The castle was rebuilt to Renaissance chateau in 16th century. The castle fell on the hands of House of Schwarzenberg  in 17th century and the domain has belonged them until 1947. The chateau was rebulid to baroque and than to neogothic style in their possession. Neogothic rebulid was executing after the fashion of the Windsor palace.


Hluboká is usually admired for its exterior, but also interior is exquisite. The chateau visitor can find beautiful corridors full of hunting trophies. Sallons are decorated by expensive species and paintings by old masters. Joiner and carving craftsmanship of local interior is highly rated. Period furniture is of course not missing inside the chateau, the most valuable pieces are in the Morning Sallon, where are among others China vases from 18th century. Hluboká is also known for its rich armory, which containes bright scheme of period weapons. Scullery is also prepared for visitors and Gallery of Aleš with collection of gothic sculptures from south Bohemia between 13th and 16th centuries is located in former riding hall. Suberb park is in the chateau´s surrounding, an ideal place not only for smitten couples.


The chateau is located in south Bohemia, about 10km north from České Budějovice. The chateau offers 5 sightseeing paths. The first is a representative path, wich costs 220 CZK. Private apartments are 10 CZK more expensive. Entrance to the chateau´s kitchen costs 170 CZK. They will release you to the tower for 40 CZK and chateau park is free. Family, student and senior sales are applied.


Opening hours in April, September and October are from 9 AM to 4:30 PM  with a noon hour (12:00 to 12:30 PM), it is closed on Monday. Same opening hours are in May and  June with exeption in ending, which is at 5:00 PM. It is opened even on Monday in July and August. It is opened down at 10:00 AM in November and December, ending is at 4:00 PM with a noon hour and closed is not only on Monday but also on Sunday.


In case you would fancy a meal or a beer after sightseeing the chateau, there are many restaurands in Hluboká´s neighbourhood. There are also many luxurious hotels and for golf supporters there is a golf course under the chateau.


ZOO Ohrada Hluboká nad Vltavou lies near hunting chateau, in typical south Bohemian environment, on shore of Munice pond with alley of old oaks and an outlook on the chateau Hluboká. The smallest Czech ZOO by extent is also one of the oldest. It was founded on the Dr. Adolf Schwarzenberg´s and his wife´s initiative in 1937 and was openet for public on 1st of May 1939. Over 150 kinds of animals to see, major of them narutally live in Europe and temperate climate of Asia. Exotic animals aro not missing too. Palmipeds are one one of the more interesting exponates and also breeding of otters in spacious glassed in pools. Parking place is directly in front of ZOO entrance, buffets and souvenirs shops are available (exept winter months).


Modern swimming pool serves visitors and citizens of Hluboká nad Vltavou from 1997, which is located in Podskalí, on the left shore of the river Vlatava, under the chateau Hluboká, near opening of cycling path 12 from České Budějovice to Hluboká. Parking place is available. The swimming pool is the part of sports area Hluboká, where you can  find tenis courts (indoor and outdoor), golf course, footbal stadium, ice ring (beach volleyball arena in summer) ,baseball area, accomodation capacities (hotel, cabanas). Modern bowling with italian restaurant is in swimming pool´s neighbourhood. Fastfood is in the area of the swimming pool.


Large pool of irregular shape is 1.4 deep 25m long serves for swimming and children´s pool wich is 0.5m deep. Paddling pool with showers is installed in the entrance into pool. The swimming pool is equipped with lavatory with showersm WC, cloaking rooms and wardrobes. There are many facilities for rest - a children´s corner with swings, table tennis, grass area at the Vltava shore. There is a beachvolleyball court inside area. There are many benches in the pool area.




Hluboká nad Vltavou - Czech and Slovak Republic - Travel příspěvky

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