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 -  07/13/2024
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With playing against crisis

From research work of Nielsen company results we spend more and more time in fellowship of computer and console games. While in January played virtual adventurers average 16 hours per week, this year it is over 19 hours and it is very respectable number. Michael Flamberg from Nielsen company warnings these results aren’t affected with extreme yokes of hardcore players, who are able to play a number of days at a time. Average number of played hours increase normal – casual players, who spend more and more time at popular games like Wii Fit or music Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Next reason is all over mentioning economic crisis, which has got negative effect on increasing of selling of bazaar games and demand for new games decreases.

Healing of dependence direct in the game

With therapy on healing game dependence direct in virtual worlds came Dr. Richard Graham from London’s Tavistock Center, who addressed developers from Blizzard Entertainment and healing of hard dependent players he wants do direct in online game World of Warcraft. “Some players are on online games so dependent they play it 16 hours per day and they miss out their social life and education” explains Graham and wants on authors of game regular month pays or free accounts to he and team of professionals can join into game World of Warcraft. With addressing of dependent players without their favorite virtual ambient is by Richard Graham difficult and one from possibility is using of current “healthy” players like mentors. Nobody from Blizzard Entertainment have expressed to concept of Tavistock Center.

Electroshocks for dependent players

There far in China are routinely clinics for healing dependency on internet and videogames, but practice of personal in madhouse in Linyi City are minimal controversial. Dr. Yang Yongxin booted here electroshocks, which got young patients for every misconduct against exacting rules of clinic. Between rules is possible find for example ban on eating chocolate, ban on lock door of bathroom or ban on taking pills before eating. After lot of claims China ministry of health has appeared against these brutal healing cures and has banned electroshocks. Three thousands young dependent persons have gone by hands of civic professionals and they have passed out four month health therapy. Parents had to sign an agreement that children could got electroshocks with power 200 mA, “We haven’t got any view, if this healing have some extra effects”, said King Lozhong, redactor of China internet portal specialized on fight with dependency on videogames and internet.

Source: VTM-Science
Nick: JirkaPraha, 29.10.2009 09:28:44
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