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 -  04/21/2024
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The smell of leather: an effect which makes a man induce the sense of masculinity. The man who wears leather is stronger, more authoritative, but also much more loose and posh - no matter if he wears a leather jacket or only a leather fragrance.

The odor of leather is very attractive and supports the features of the real neosexual man. The future belongs to the neosexual man: the era in which dominated the macho as well as the metrosexual type of man came to its end. The values are presented today by prominent men, and the women of the 21st century are simply crazy about them.
In the process of getting to know each other as well as while seducing a women the aromas plays a very important role, because fragrance can as well remind you of previous dates.

Therefore the self-confident – the neosexual man who preserves both traditional and modern values, the masculine men regularly choose natural odors, namely those to which are assigned pleasant experiences as part of our everyday life – such is also the aroma of leather!

The odor of leather is simultaneously sharp and soft, it induces at the same time the atmosphere of the smoky pubs and of the peaceful forests. No wonder that women are really crazy about it, because since ancient times this is an odor which has obsessed us and is usually associated with the idea of masculinity. It is difficult to say to what extent it does have an impact on women, since sometimes women are not even aware of this fact and only their reactions serve as a real proof of it.
The women’s reactions though unequivocally show that the leather is something which make us feel good in – in our own skin or in other’s... …
Nick: JirkaPraha, 20.3.2009 13:09:10
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The smell of leather: an effect which makes a man induce the sense of masculinity. The man who wears leather is stronger, more authoritative, but also much more loose and posh - no matter if he...
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