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 -  07/22/2024
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It was 30th June 1908 when our Earth met on its journey through the space with unknown space alien. A number of kilometers above earth's surface exploded unknown object. The outburst was so stong that in the area of 2000 sqare meters it rooted out about 60 million trees. Aftereffects and consequences are evident even after 101 years. If we won't pay attention to many phony, quackery and conspirative theories about green men or unsuccessfull atempt of some mad scientist then we come down to two possible plots. Our Earth collided with little planet od comet. Some scientists tend to believe the first possibility, others argue for the secont. Rate between one group and the other fluctuates during most of the last 80 years. Believers of the „comet theory“ now have found new reasoning and the help was american space shuttle.

Siberian occasion from 1908 is known under the name of Tunguska explosion or Tunguska event. Michael Kelly from Cornell University claims that he has proof and evidence that above Tunguska exploded core of comet. His theory establishes on the basis of space shuttle observation. What have start of space ship and Tunguska meteorite in common? Connecting link between them could be so called night lightning clouds (known under shortcut NLC).

NLC are made of frozen crystals in height about 80 to 85 kilometers above the ground. Just for comparison, regular clouds are usually in the height 12 kilometers maximally. NLC could be observed these days also above our geographical location and it happens so usually shortly after dusk above western horizont. There are many pictures of NLC on the internet at this time – more on astro.cz

But lets go back to the Tunguska meteorite. NLC was obviously observed also few days after the blast of space object in 1908 and probably in many thousand kilometers far from Siberia. Large number of testimonies about „gleaming sky afther dusk“ came at that time from Great Britain. Kelly these old testimonies inspected over again and believes that the people had been observing NLC invoked by explosion of Tunguska comet.

First time Kelly had this presupposition was in August 2007 when he spectated space shuttle Endeavour on his mission STS-118. Engines of these ships „pumps“ to the atmosphere thousands of tonnes water vapor during its start, which has to freeze in big heights and could create night shinning clouds. Space shuttle caused NLC were observed not only in August 2007 but many times before as well.

During explosion of comet in 1908 should get into huge amount of water. Material was then chased by air flow to Europe in speed of 300 km per hour, where it caused night shining clouds few days later.

There rises one question, whether this „proof“ convinces other scientists. Build academical theories on the basis of uninitiated people is truly big bite, especially after more than one century. For us its more than suitable to say, that next space shuttle launches in Jully. Watch the start carefully on the internet, maybe you would come up with new theory...
Nick: JirkaPraha, 2.7.2009 12:57:31
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It was 30th June 1908 when our Earth met on its journey through the space with unknown space alien. A number of kilometers above earth's surface exploded unknown object. The outburst was so stong...
2.7.2009 12:57:31 | Nick: JirkaPraha

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