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 -  06/22/2024
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Life really can be unfair. What some people can only dream about, others get without any effort at all. Admittedly, for those lucky devils, these gifts from fate often turn out to be a genuine trial, turning from pleasure into a torture. No, our story is not another sketch on the theme “Rich people also cry”. This report will not be about money or fame, but a quite different matter.

By the age of 28 Ellie has been given the amount of “pleasure” which an ordinary woman does not even experience throughout her entire life. The poor girl doesn’t know where to turn anymore to get away from this misery, which is ruining her whole life, making her constantly look for quite places where there aren’t any kinds of external stimuli. Miss Allen has already given up her job in her usual office long ago, with all its chattering telephones and buzzing computers. Now she works in a quiet gallery. She has the same situation with her living arrangements.

Meanwhile, in her youth Ellie was an ordinary girl, except that her relations with young men gave her more pleasure than her friends. Some time ago she started to experience multiple orgasms, not suspecting in any way that this was the first symptom of the illness which would make her life unbearable.

“Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome” – this was the diagnosis of the doctors whom she consulted when she started to throb with ecstasy from literally any breath of wind. With this disorder the sexual organs experience constant arousal even with the absence of any actual desire. The reasons for its onset may be either medicines containing trazadon or excessive blood supply.
Nick: JirkaPraha, 9.6.2009 08:11:05
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Japan company Oriental produce machine, that changes used paper into toilet direct on work place. It cuts, mashes, mix with water 40 pages of redundant paper A4, this mixture will be dried and...
7.4.2010 08:46:41 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Seventy five year old Japanese Shigeo Tokuda is interested in activity, we would not expect from a man his age at all. The oldest porn actor on the world was getting ready in his silky smooth kimono...
3.1.2010 10:15:59 | Nick: JirkaPraha
American has gone into jail after convict him video. 10th November 2009 Roddel Vereen was found guilty after judgement has seen video with American, who does anal sex with horse called...
23.11.2009 11:24:23 | Nick: JirkaPraha
High winds over the weekend supplied 53% of Spain's electricity – equivalent to the power output of 11 nuclear plants. Wind energy provided more than half of Spain's total electricity needs for...
12.11.2009 11:34:17 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Long time guardians have circumstance that American prisoner George Vera (25) have about a gun. In his cell they cannot find it anyway. Finally watchmen in Houston, in Texas caught him with pistol in...
24.8.2009 13:27:42 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Last time increased air pollution in Europe from crematoria. Other sources make less air pollution of this metal because of various equipment. “Part emission from crematoria is year after year...
24.8.2009 13:24:16 | Nick: JirkaPraha
The Crown Prosecution Service spent £20,000 on the trial of a man accused – and later acquitted – of stealing a 25p banana, it has emerged. James Gallagher, 23, was found not guilty this week...
9.8.2009 10:28:20 | Nick: JirkaPraha
TOLEDO, Ohio — Residents of Toledo, Ohio, are complaining that they received $25 tickets for parking their vehicles in their own driveways. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner says he stands by the citations...
22.6.2009 13:58:06 | Nick: JirkaPraha

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