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 -  05/19/2024
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Perhaps you have heard of the term „pathological playing“, but probably better known for you would be term gambling. This psychological disease affects mankind like modern plague, which is related to everyone around afflicted person in bigger or smaller degree. His life is completely absorbed by virtual reality and his chances of adequate and full-value return are slim, nearly begligible.

Modern medicine slowly reveals step by step this problem and the knowledge shown in this research will not please anyone. Leanings to pathological gambling are possessed inside everyone of us. Hidden deeply in our emotions, wishes but also in doubts of complicated decisions. They are like biblical snake, which was sent by the devil to allure Adam and Eva to badness, If we will not be carefull, easily can happen that even you can belong among those addicted and you may not even notice. Concern about slot machine is actually off hand. It is still by far better than give up yourself with vision of easy and amazing possible win, every day. And it is not matter of intelect or age, when the game gets you, it will close real world for hours inside of some local stinky pub.

The biggest class of risk are young adaults. Mostly they can’t help themselves when they see all those flickering lights and magical numbers showing how incredibly high current jackpot is. And thats why most of the addicted are men. They are more reliant on receiving information by eye what makes them perfect target for still growing business of gambler house and casinos.

It looks very innocent in the beggining. You throw in a coin, press a button which has written all over it „start“ and maybe you win some amount of money. Not big, but still pleasant. At that time slot machine has already caught you. You want much more, you wouldn’t settle for any small amount. But probablility of winning is the same as finding a needle in haycock. Even if you will win, you can be sure that next slot machine would gladly swallow al the coins you just made, since it’s your lucky day, why shouldn‘t you play more? Eventually you will have no money left.

What follows then? Qualms? You got used to them, they became everyday part of your life. Well they are for sure burdening, but quiclky relieved with some cash in your hands when walking towards your favourite machine. Now it must finally work out. I’m not such unlucky looser, right?

This circle won’t stop at anything. You easily overcome crying family, that there are no money to run household, that you don’t care about their life. Not even success, neither failure of your kids will make any difference. The only thing you care about is that lovely flickering thing staying, surely not by accident, in the corner of your favourite tavern. There you feel good.

And will it end this way? Family will of course reject you, no friend will ever trust your promises of whose you day by day have full mouth, and will not lend you any money. You will start to steal, do stupid things only to get some more money to sit down and play again. You have nothing left. You reject to acknowledge it, deny that you are addicted and should ask for help. You can’t stop it, it has become your daily routine and maybe, you will end this with suicide.
Nick: JirkaPraha, 29.9.2009 09:56:53
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Perhaps you have heard of the term „pathological playing“, but probably better known for you would be term gambling. This psychological disease affects mankind like modern plague, which is related to...
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