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American company called Envion started service of the first recycling machine in Semptember 2009 without interest of media. This machine recycles plastic garbage made from oil and it makes oil again from it. This way of manufacturing is cheaper.

Generator EOG is able to utilize 10 000 tons per year of garbage and produce oil from it with price 10 dollars per barel – price of rough oil is 7x higher.

Envion company didn’t public all detail information (on The New York Times) about its generator. Secret of process is in controlled heating plastic at process, when value of oxygen is controlling. From one ton of rough garbage is possible take 4 barels (636 liters) of oil without pollution of mineral sediments. The whole system is automatic – two human operators is enough for service of this machine.

“Our oil generator offers revolution resolution for utility plastic garbage and his changing from something, that is dangerous for environment, into renewable resource of energy.” Said Michael S. Han, chef of Envion, at test run of the first generator in Derwood. Envion offers its facility direct to towns, that have problem with garbage.

On producing of plastic is used 8 percent of worldwide oil production. If USA recycle in generators of Envion whole plastic garbage, they produce 150 million of barrels of oil. (it is whole consumption of USA for eight days).

Eventually savings don’t apply only to cheaper oil. Benefit of this technology is bigger. It offers savings of cost on utility of garbage. Plastic garbage means huge part of garbage, which households fastfood restaurants produce. Its neutralization (mainly in industry waste plants) is advanced job. Price of placing of garbage for one ton is from 70 to 200 dollars and current recycle technology at 7 percent of plastic garbage are connected with cost from 50 to 150 dollars. Utility of garbage with Envion costs 17 dollars per ton. This utility is markedly cheaper than its burning or placing.

Ambition about finding alternative source than oil derricks is sometimes quaint and almost unbelievable – and it is going about projects with serious science research. About oil music you could read for example in Technique number… To next belong for example remarkably technology, that was published on server Novinky.cz. Scientists in Nevada used chicken offcuts like source for biodiesel. Food industry spews this garbage in big numbers. They use it like feed or fertilizer. USA produce 5 000 000 tons of this garbage every year (on Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry). This garbage is combined from skin, blood, bowels and feather.

But this garbage contains 12 % of fat and potential to wake to raw for fabrication of biodiesel. Recipe, which was trying in lab, includes using of chicken garbage with hot water and it faces to purchase of fuel.

Scientists are estimating that by processing accessible poultry waste it could be yearly produced 152 million gallons (575 million litres) of bio-diesel in the USA, it could be produced more than two billion of fuel worldwide. Poultry waste cannot sustain the whole fuel consumption though (in accordance to OPEC the world´s daily drilling for oil is 84 million barrels), nevertheless it would be just a partial solution of recent oil hunger, whereas even breeders and growers couldn´t be aware of losing their source of pasture respectively fertilizer. Vice versa - greaseless poultry waste allegedly offers more quality products

Source: Hospodářské noviny 9.12.2009
Nick: JirkaPraha, 30.12.2009 09:15:03
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American company called Envion started service of the first recycling machine in Semptember 2009 without interest of media. This machine recycles plastic garbage made from oil and it makes oil again...
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