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 -  06/18/2024
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Dead Sea functions direct other way round than sounds its name! It called “Dead”, but it can help to many people and give them relief. Businessmen in Israel think about its rename, because clients don’t like buying of products, which is linked with dead. They want to it more positive name, which apposite its healing effects. In game are names, which are in Bible – East Sea, Sun Sea or Sea Arava.

Dead Sea stops the time!
Dead Sea is plaything of nature and real unique. Because it is without flow-off, is it in real only lake. Its medical effects are popular ever before. Baths are there from Herodes time. Number all people, who Dead Sea helped, isn’t possible. It helped there, where ended classic medicine. Join to us and try its effects personally.

Waters of Dead Sea contain ten times more salt than another seas and salt gives to Dead Sea its medical effects. Contain of kalium is twenty times higher than in Atlantic ocean, magnesium 35x, calcium 42x and bromine up to 80 times. Huge contain of iodine and bromine favourably effects on all nervous system, kalium effects on arthritis, rheumatiz and sulfur and calcium helps healing skin sickness. Patients with psoriasis and tetter like it most.

On some places made salt water aggradation of morass, which people rub on affected areas. Morass dotoxicates skin and purges it from death particles. Blood recirculation forces, organism drains off and oxidates. That’s why many people relish with fight cellulite, arrhythmia and rheumatiz problems, acne, migraine, stress and insomnia. Morass is unique medical product, it like first in history successfully fight against result even causation of maturing of skin. It is good against hair loss! It gives need substances to skin and to bulb. It cleans skin from smear and forbids making of dandruffs and regenerates, rejuvenizes and betters quality of hairs. Gargling of salt water helps against flu and angina.

With lying in Dead Sea and with daub on with morass you couldn’t overplay. pH of water is in interval 8,5 and 9. Long bathing can make scalds of sense part of skin! Water is saturated by salt too much that it isn’t possible swimming or sink. If you want to souse, you must slowly slide to back till you will lie totally directly. Water is like smear.

Marsh from Dead Sea
On some places of beach water made aggradation of marsh, which has healthy effects on human organism. Relax and sedative effects of marsh from Dead Sea knew residents hundreds years before Christ. This morass is totally specific and unique on the World. Stuff is bolstering of floor of Dead Sea with huge number of mini crystals, which make in water oversaturated fusion, which excludes minerals back to its crystal form. Mineral marsh have a lot of applications, its advantage is immediately effects and longtime work. Positive effects by therapy of sicknesses of moving system (rheumatiz), different types of tetters and psoriasis are documented. Marsh is recommended even for total relaxation, unblocking of fatigued and stress-pressed organism. Huge number of iodine and bromine – in marsh, in water and in air set right ruffled nerves. Healing by baths combined with regular insolation and wraps in mineral marsh.

Since antics time duties Dead Sea like rehabilitation and health center for health and beauty. Even in old times people respected health effects of Dead Sea and since that time comes here many people from all World. Dead Sea has got no flow-off and water gives way from it in huge mass by steam into neighboring hot wind. In this area is happening to higher concentration of important salt and minerals and it changed neighborhood of sea to popular and wanted baths. It is area with high sun activity (330 sunny days per year), small number of rainfall (circa 50 mm per year), with minimal number of strong UV rays and average year temperature 22-24°C. Destination of tourists is often big oasis a few kilometers behind baths Ajn Gedi. Direct there, more than one hour ride by car from Jerusalem, is complex modern skyscrapers of hotels, which offer to visitors not only sink into waves of sea, but even professional medical tip, how can help water in sea. For person from middle Europe is interesting journey from Jerusalem to sea. It is created by highway, at beach is going to classic road. People, who go on the road, have a feeling, that they travel time. In hills on east from Jerusalem is road aboard camps of Bedouins. Round about camps feed on grass big drove of goats, sheeps, horses and camels. Dead Sea has even Czech footmark – out of patients, who travel here to healing, is it place, where stop storks on way from Czech Republic.
Nick: JirkaPraha, 22.9.2009 11:17:59
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Dead Sea functions direct other way round than sounds its name! It called “Dead”, but it can help to many people and give them relief. Businessmen in Israel think about its rename, because clients...
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