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 -  12/03/2022
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Pamela Anderson admitted to when she was going on the high school, she didn´t have control under she sexual tastes.

Actress, who was born in town Ladysmith in British Columbia, admitted: “At the school I looked like a boy. Until I didn’t come to Los Angeles, I have never make-up. I didn’t like girl’s things, I dedicated to sports. On the other side I was totally man-eater.”

Pamela did have on the trot marriage to Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon. Taste on sex did she never leave. Sometimes drag out even popular red swimsuit from Baywatch.

And her today’s boyfriend, electrician Jamie Padgett have fun from it. “Red swimsuit from Baywatch I have in the safe. Sometimes I wear it, go to the shower and I go rescue my boyfriend. I experienced few very enjoyable moments in this swimsuits.” said Pamela to the reporters of magazine Elle.

Andereson in popular like a sex-image, but about her body did he make query. When first-time posed for Playboy, she didn’t like a situation, when member of staff arranged her chest.

“I was shy, really very shy. When I first time posed for the recto of Playboy, I did wear opened waist. Masker came to me, touch my boob and apply some oil on my breast. I was shocked, I nearly vomited. Woman touches my boob! But the photo-making was one from the best things of my carrier,” said Pamela.
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