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Reading of ideas went off be variety attraction and using of their power to functioning on neighborhood by effect from paranormal domain. It goes about only about practice using of magnetic resonation or electrocardiography for watching processes running in the brain at thinking and it is possible deduce next activities from it. Next activities are for example activities serving to control of difficult machines (computers).

On Berlin’s Technical university scientists with professionals from Siemens cooperate on project, which could connect computers with our brains. Like the first on the world constituted their research on watching of brain’s activities and on using of eyes camera, which seeing and stored eye movements of user: informs magazine Visions.

Special system is able to recognize activity of specific parts of user’s brain. It can exact analyze, where are eyes looking. From view of user it looks that he aims on specific point on monitor (for example on control button). Eyes camera finds out, it is happened. User concentrates on given idea command, for example pressing the button. System identifies activity in involved part of the brain. It connect both inputs and press required button. Dry electrode, dream of bosses of game industry.

Watch activity of the brain isn’t easy. It required large number of electrodes, which are by conducting gel connected direct on skin of head, above all is necessary good establish and set value of separate signals and it is very difficult. Scientists concentrate especially on exactly and simply calibration of signal.

Research of miniature dry electrode goes hopefully. It will be connected by radio signals and not by lot of cables. Using could it find in many subjection. The biggest interest have game industry – his bosses dream about games controlled by ideas. These technologies could mean big benefit for invalid people. Tomography shows active neurons.

Method of function magnetic resonation hides next options. It is used by scientist Rober Rauchenberger, cognitive psychologist from Princeton in American state New Jersey. This method can show, how the brain works at progressing of sensual experience. Rauschenberger uses very sensitive 7tesel tomography.

Technology studies metabolism of human brain and give reason by pictures to mapping areas of increased brain activity. Activated neurons required more oxygen and that is why to active areas goes more blood. Increased concentration of blood with a lot of oxygen causes changing in signal of magnetic field. Measurably value is Fe in hemoglobin of red corpuscles.

“Owning to resolution circa one quad millimeter we can exact mark off areas of activity.” explains Rauschenberger. “Not only we able to show, which areas of the brain are active, but their working too. For example we have demonstrated between brains cells and eyes is information flow.” said scientist. Only 30 milliseconds suffice to eye and brain.

Rauschenberger watched brains reactions of tested persons on line of pictures by tomography. While previous tests was on 30 ms showed words, showed this stimulus are writing by brain. It is demonstrated by measurable signal, which the brain returns to the eye. Results steered to opinion that it could be used like subliminal messages for example to control of visitors of cinemas to buy commodities. “But like this doesn’t it functional,” said Rauchenberger.

These messages can make desire only for very specific conditions and it is nearly impossible this desires be pointed at concrete mark. Results of experiments, which Rauschenberg and his team have done in coop with Dutch psychologist Verstraten, show us that brain isn’t possible bluff. It is possible to cheat aware mind, but neurologic processes are showed really by magnetic resonation.
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Reading of ideas went off be variety attraction and using of their power to functioning on neighborhood by effect from paranormal domain. It goes about only about practice using of magnetic...
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