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Czech movie theaters were crowded during weekend 19th and 20th December 2009. The reason was one and only - the most expensive movie of all time arrived to the Czech cinemas, Cameron's great and spectacular 3D sci-fi film Avatar. Just during the first week it has made profit of more than seventeen million crowns.

Just for comparison, second movie, teenager romantic vampire movie The New Moon has made about the same amount of money, but in total of four weeks. The difference is obvious, the weekend attendance for Avatar's 111 thousand viewers look enormous compared to 7 thousand of The New Moon at the second place or even 5 thousand viewers which saw the third movie on the ladder of attendance - Le Petite Nicolas.

Avatar currently rocks all movies around the world, with a little help of well elaborated marketing strategy and with reputation of visually revolutionary masterpiece from makers of Titanic movie. Czechs also wanted to see why fans all over the world speaks only compliments on the movie that has nicely done incredible digital world, which has been established on the planet Pandora. The grandeur and noble blue men who live according to natural laws of the world are attacked by cruel people of The Earth and try to defend their world.

Avatar was accompanied by huge advertising campaign: according to some sources, the movie costed with all the adds about half billion dollar. Nevertheless one can't make complete imagination about 3D movie just from 2D media.

Producers can rely on that more viewers are going to come to see the movie thanks to great critique of those, who has already seen it. Also many people are going to see it during Christmas holidays. Avatar gets many viewers because it's one of few 3D movie that isn't just for little children.

Total revenue is 232 million is now equal to nett official budget - that means world record for „non-sequel" movies.

Quicker earnings are also partially made thanks to the fact that Avatar is mainly presented in IMAX movie theaters with 3D equipment and there is more expensive tickets. Those movie theaters were attended by 59% of viewers and made 71% earnings.
Nick: JirkaPraha, 3.1.2010 10:07:24
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Czech movie theaters were crowded during weekend 19th and 20th December 2009. The reason was one and only - the most expensive movie of all time arrived to the Czech cinemas, Cameron's great and...
Film and Cinema
3.1.2010 10:07:24 | Nick: JirkaPraha
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