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 -  10/22/2021
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Energy used per year for transfer, work up and filter spam twists for energy need of 2,4 millions houses. It is one from reason study of company McAfee, which in this research documents spam is charge not only for ICT infrastructure and safety risk, if goes about data, but even direct thread for environment.

Spam very contributes to emissions of greenhouse gas. Climatologist of company ICF and experts on spam has come in study called “Carbon Footprint of Spam” to end that on transport, work up and filter spam is exhausted per year on the World 33 billion kWh of energy together. It equals to electric energy expended by 2,4 millions houses and emissions of greenhouse gases from 3,1 million cars, which expended 7 billion liter of gasoline. “In situation, when the World confronts to increased problems of climatic changes this study accents spam has got great economy, personal and environment effect on companies and even single person,” said Jeff Green, senior vice president of company McAfee liable to product research and labs Aver Labs. “Stop spam direct by its source and invest into technologies of filter spam type state-of-the-art spares time, money and because of decreased carbon emission brings advantage even our planet.
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Japan company Oriental produce machine, that changes used paper into toilet direct on work place. It cuts, mashes, mix with water 40 pages of redundant paper A4, this mixture will be dried and...
7.4.2010 08:46:41 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson comes from Paris and her world´s awareness is given to her role of Hermiona in a book and movie serie Harry Potter whereby as a tiny nine years old girl gained popularity...
10.10.2012 11:57:56 | Nick: MJ Name: Martin
Although nobody denies harmful impact of sunbathing and smoking on our health, solariums and tobacco companies do their best making their potential customers thinking in the other way. The latest...
6.4.2010 13:36:33 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Testovali jsme Qashqai opravdu tvrdě. Nevěříte? Budete valit...

22.5.2010 16:25:50 | Nick: andrei.beliy Name: andreika

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