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 -  07/22/2024
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A Star Trek fan has boldly gone where no man has gone before – by transforming his entire flat into a replica of the programme's starship.

Tony Alleyne has spent eight years recreating scenes from the cult sci-fi show at his studio apartment.

But what started as a therapeutic hobby for the 56-year-old devotee, following a painful divorce from his wife, has led him to deck the whole property out as the Star Trek Voyager.

A life-size copy of the space ship's command console forms the centrepiece of the one-bed flat, which controls the lights and sound effects.

Every morning, a voice-activated computer system turns on fluorescent tubes that illuminate bleeping panels and a replica of the "beam me up" transporter.

The windows of his home in Hinckley, Leicestershire, have been fitted with plexi-glass in-between layers of wood – creating dark space portals.

Even the doorbell has been customised to play a sample of Patrick Stewart in his role as captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Mr Alleyne said: "Building this has been like a dream. I had a vision and I am really amazed at what I have managed to achieve with just hard work.

"It all started as therapy after I split with my wife – building every bit from scratch really helped me to deal with the stress of it all.

"I first started with the Transport Control Console, that took around two years to build- but it looks exactly like the one in the TV series.

"At the moment it controls all the lighting and sound effects and is one delicate piece of machinery, though it's very durable on the outside."

Mr Alleyne, an interior designer by trade, said that he first got the idea to turn his flat into a homage to the popular series after a friend have him a Star Trek magazine.

He originally designed it as a replica of the USS Enterprise from the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but later decided he wanted a more futuristic look.

Mr Alleyne added: "My friend gave me a Star Trek mag and I became obsessed with having my own space ship.

"He laughed when I told him – I think he thought it was all a joke, but I knew I was going to achieve it one day.

"I originally decked it out as the 70s movie – that was all cream and metallic – it was a bit boring so I decided to upgrade.

"My whole life over the last few years has gone into this, I have given up absolutely everything.

"Some people might think I'm a bit of a sad individual but I'm not. I'm just really into Star Trek – it's really my only vice in life.

"I always wanted to live somewhere like this – for me it is utopia."

Mr Alleyne has built the impressive spectacle on a shoestring budget of around £4,000 after splitting from his wife Georgina, 50, who still owns the flat.

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