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Apr 16 2009 By Richard Mooney

AS of this morning (Thursday) Blackburn woman Susan Boyle has been viewed by over 12 million people on YouTube.

And that’s not including the hundreds of bloggers, other uploaded YouTube videos, the 150,000 views our own video has recieved, Ashton's Kutcher's twitter tweets and international television coverage- Sky News, CNN and the BBC- the 48-year-old has received.

The church worker, who brought a tear to the eyes of Demi Moore, now holds a place in the hearts of millions worldwide. The West Lothian Courier has been inundated with emails of congratulations for Susan Boyle.

Below is just some of the well wishing messages we have recieved from her newly found fans.

Marilyn from Tuscon, Arizona said: “Please tell Susan that all of us in Tucson love her. She is truly amazing and we wish her all the success in the world.”

Garry Gore from Texas said: “She's put West Lothian in the international spotlight. I hope the attention will be positive for the community."

Debbie Vella from London said: “Miss Boyle made me laugh, and then she made me cry. I was stunned by the beauty that emanated from her!

“What an absolutely precious voice she has! I cannot believe no one has ever helped with a singing career.

“ To Miss Boyle: Don't let them change you in any way you are not happy about....your gift from God is all you need...people will come to see you regardless of the 'polish' the recording business may want impose.

“Each time I listen to you sing I get gooseflesh bumps from the thrill.”

Rich from Conneticut commented that “this great lady” is “doing what the Beatles did in the sixties.”

Nick: Charlie, 16.4.2009 20:28:48
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Apr 16 2009 By Richard Mooney AS of this morning (Thursday) Blackburn woman Susan Boyle has been viewed by over 12 million people on YouTube. And that’s not including the hundreds of bloggers,...

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