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 -  07/13/2024
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You read that right. Vehicle hybridization has turned its CO2-reducing attentions to the air-travel industry. The next-generation Boeing 737 aircraft is being adapted for use as an external-combustion/electric hybrid, with the small on-board auxiliary-power unit turbine generating enough electricity to propel the aircraft under certain circumstances at speeds of up to 20 mph. Okay, taxiing under electric power may not seem glamorous, but trust me, you'll love it.

Imagine being able to leave the gate as soon as the last overstuffed suitcase has been jammed into an overhead bin without waiting for an airport tug and driver to push the plane out to the active taxiway. Green-minded travelers will love the fact that letting electric motors tow them all the way out to the runway saves tons of CO2 and precious jet fuel. One estimate suggests that leaving a new 737's wing engines off while taxiing and idling before takeoff could save 200 pounds of fuel per flight, eliminating 500-1000 tons of CO2 per plane per year depending on its flight schedule. Other cost savings include reduced brake wear, no damage from clumsy airport-tug operators, and reduced turn-around time because ground personnel won't have to wait for engines to cool. All together, total monthly savings could reach $60,000, according to Isaiah Cox, CEO of WheelTug, the subsidiary of Chorus Motors plc., which is developing the concept. Surely some of that savings will trickle down to lower ticket prices.

So how does an electric wheel motor small enough to go up and down on a plane's landing gear manage to pack enough punch to accelerate a 300,000-pound aircraft to 20 mph? With black magic and witchcraft (well, their words are "mesh-connected windings" and "fundamental harmonics"-visit chorusmotors.com). These esoteric concepts combine to deliver the efficient low-speed torque of a permanent magnet motor (such as the ones in most hybrid cars) with the light weight, lower cost, and better high-speed performance of an AC induction motor (as in the Tesla and Chevy Volt).

... read more here: http://www.motortrend.com/features/editorial/112_0901_flying_hybrids_technologue/index.html
Nick: JirkaPraha, 5.12.2008 11:58:33
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iRobot company featured idea, how resolve funding of health insurance in future. He means that robotic nurses are the best resolve. New robotic nurses could have to save millions in state budget...
Science and Technics
29.3.2010 09:19:03 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard wants fly over Atlantic ocean and than even World with solar plane called Solar Impulse. Look, how will appear fly of Solar Impulce. More about this project on...
Science and Technics
28.1.2010 09:45:44 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Anchorage (USA) – Melting of arctic glaciers that is commonly seen as an adverse effect of the global warming has at least one positive effect. Due to the melting, scientists can execute their...
Science and Technics
27.1.2010 10:00:21 | Nick: JirkaPraha
American company called Envion started service of the first recycling machine in Semptember 2009 without interest of media. This machine recycles plastic garbage made from oil and it makes oil again...
Science and Technics
30.12.2009 09:15:03 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Obesity (fatness, liposis) is situation, that natural energy backup of mammal (for example human), which is saved in fat stuff, has increased over standard value and it is dangerous for health....
Science and Technics
28.12.2009 09:49:09 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Reading of ideas went off be variety attraction and using of their power to functioning on neighborhood by effect from paranormal domain. It goes about only about practice using of magnetic...
Science and Technics
23.11.2009 09:15:52 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Rocket, which has to send American astronauts in to the space after end flies of space shuttle, has to take off on Thursday 27.10.2009 without persons. Meteorological news implies start will be on...
Science and Technics
30.10.2009 09:06:06 | Nick: JirkaPraha
Submitter of advert in countryside is interested in, what group addresses this way. System Next Generation Digital Signage Solution for recognizing of faces researched by company NEC could help them....
Science and Technics
29.10.2009 09:31:33 | Nick: JirkaPraha

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