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 -  07/22/2024
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Instant messaging provider ICQ is coming up to the market with a new version of software ICQ 7. The new version offers platform of new social messaging client – i.e. an easy integration of IM communication tool for sharing content with the most used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, communication tool ICQ has similarly to many other IM tools been facing an outstanding competition from social network Facebook. In many discussions about IM communication you can hear: “I don´t use ICQ anymore, I just have facebook chat on background.”

Therefore is very tactical from ICQ to get closer to the social networks. ICQ 7 offers integration between user´s communication tool and their online social activities. Users can now add contacts of their friends from variety social networks besides the classic list of contacts – all in real-time.

Users no longer need opening of their web browsers and logging into social networks they are registered, they can find everything on ICQ. Users can also comment news with their buddies straight from ICQ and their comments will be automatically posted on relevant social network.

The version ICQ 7 now offers integration with social networks Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flicker.

The new version ICQ 7 implements global one click status update as well, that means that users can simply chose on which social networks will be their personal messages published, all easily and comfortably through ICQ 7 interface.

ICQ 7 is greeting users with innovated user interface, fully compatible with all distributions of Microsoft Windows including version 7. Other improvements are color themes that are fully adapted to user´s mood, new user profile with actual information about using information channels and pictures that are easily shared with friends.
Eliav Moshe the CEO of ICQ says: “Version ICQ 7 serves social messaging, i.e. integration of world online social medias users with their personal communication tool.” In accordance to him, the new version meets the need for simple and quick access through communication tool that also can keep users in touch with all information from variety social networks and share pages content real-time. “We will collaborate with loyal community of million users from Czech republic on integrating local social networks into ICQ 7”, added Moshe.
Nick: JirkaPraha, 27.1.2010 10:04:35
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Instant messaging provider ICQ is coming up to the market with a new version of software ICQ 7. The new version offers platform of new social messaging client – i.e. an easy integration of IM...
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